Adelaide Baroque collaborates with leading national and international baroque musicians

Adelaide Baroque’s lead ensemble has performed with leading national and international baroque musicians in their concerts. In recent years they have included:

  • 2012 Robert MacFarlane (tenor), Tim Marks (bass), Catherine Finnis (cello), Graham Strahle (viola da gamba)
  • 2011 Early Dance Consort (Sydney), Emma Horwood (soprano), Louisa Perfect (soprano),Thomas Flint (bass) 
  • 2010 Jane Downer (oboe ,UK), Laura Vaughan (viola da gambe and cello, Melbourne)
  • 2009 Lucinda Moon (violin)
  • 2008 Syntony (choir), Anne Cawrse (composer)
  • 2007 David Coomber-Kitgaard (recorder, New Zealand), Natalie Williams (composer)
  • 2006 Sally-Anne Russell (soprano), Julie Hewison (violin, Melbourne), Miriam Morris (viola da gamba, Melbourne), Laura Vaughan (viola da gamba, Melbourne)
  • 2005 Lucinda Moon (violin), Ben Dollman (violin), Jane Downer (oboe, UK)
  • 2004 Kate Morgan (cello, Sydney), Rosalind Halton (harpsichord, Newcastle)
  • 2003 Sally Anne Russell (soprano), Kate Morgan (cello)
  • 2002 Hans Maria Kneihs (recorder, Vienna), Marion Middenway (cello, Paris), John O’Donnell (organ/harpsichord)
  • 2001 Early Dance Consort (Sydney), Antony Chesterman (oboe, Sydney)
  • 2000 Alison Crum and Roy Marks (viola da gamba, UK)