Adelaide Baroque maintains a commitment to its commissioning program and innovative cross-artform projects

Adelaide Baroque's commissioning program has resulted in new works for old instruments by some of South Australia's leading composers performed in original productions featuring cross art-form collaborations. We commissioned noted composer Tristram Cary for a series of songs for "Catches and Rounds". The program also featured music from 17th Century England performed by "Musica da Camera" and readings from social and political tracts of the period read by accomplished Adelaide based actor Paul Blackwell. We also commissioned respected composer Quentin Grant for our "Psyche" program which again featured a collaboration between "Musica da Camera" and Paul Blackwell reading from his own script on the story of the goddess Psyche. More recently we commissioned Natalie Williams to write Four Seasons based upon Vivaldi's popular work. Natalie has gone on to achieve international fame abroad. And for our "Cityscape" program we commissioned acclaimed Adelaide composer Anne Cawrse.

The images of the harpsichord on this website are of the instrument built by Adelaide based maker Richard Schaumlöffel. The harpsichord was commissioned by Adelaide Baroque's Lesley Lewis. The garden painting on the lid of the harpsichord shown on this page is by Winnie May and was also commissioned by Lesley Lewis.