Sacred and Secular - The music of Johann Sebastian Bach

September 6, 2014

3:00 pm

This program is part of a special series at the Elder Conservatorium celebrating the music of J S Bach. ... read more

Italy in London

April 5, 2014

3:00 pm

Italian sonatas by Corelli, Barsanti, Veracini, Sammartini and Geminiani. ... read more

Exploring Telemann with Ensemble Flauti

May 25, 2014

3:00 pm

One of the most prolific composers of all time, Telemann published a colourful series of chamber works in serial form which fed the demands of his adoring public, both amateur and professional. ... read more

Da Oratore - Rhetoric and Argument in the German Baroque

June 29, 2014

3:00 pm

Great baroque music for organ performed by one of Australia’s most distinguished young players. ... read more


November 1, 2014

3:00 pm

A glimpse into the colourful Greek Ottoman musical culture of church, court, village square and café, with its elaborate modes, ornaments and rhythms all of which impacted upon Western Europe of the Baroque and early Classical periods. ... read more

Between Heaven and Earth

October 11, 2014

7:00 pm

Adelaide Baroque and guests will present a selection of exquisitely beautiful arias and chamber music works from one of the great Baroque masters, George Friederic Handel. ... read more

Baroque String Workshop

26 April 2014

8:30 am

A Baroque string workshop with Bianca Muggleton ... read more