Café Zimmermann II

The Advertiser, Monday 27 February 2012

NOT quite 1723, not much coffee (lots of other libations), no visible debauchery.

But Adelaide Baroque made a fair stab at re-creating the coffee houses where Bach, Telemann et al cashed in on the new craze for caffeine and added chamber music for extra kicks despite the tut-tutting of the city fathers.

Bach even wrote the Coffee Cantata BWV 211. Fraulein Lieschen is coffee-crazy. Her dad, Herr Humdrum, threatens he will not let her marry unless she quits.

OK, she agrees, but draws up her own marriage contract with a let-out clause. No complaints about the singing of Tessa Miller, Timothy Marks and Narrator Robert MacFarlane. A director could have tightened things up a bit.

For the above and a judicious selection of suites and concertos, Lucinda Moon led a quartet of strings, Lesley Lewis backed them up on the harpsichord and Jayne Varnish (recorders), Jane Downer (oboe) and Tim Nott (of the fruity, hooty baroque flute) added the cream and sugar.

Burnside Town Hall

Elizabeth Silsbury, The Advertiser